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Symtomax Portugal

Symtomax is a licensed medical cannabis producer, with the largest outdoor cultivation site in Europe.
Our Portugal production and cultivation facility site has a total of 105 Hectares, located in the Beja region of Portugal. Founded by a group of individuals with extensive international experience in operations, capital markets, corporate finance, law and healthcare services, combined with over 40 years in the medical cannabis industry.
We have passion and enthusiasm to develop products, technologies and services as well as contributing to the growing body around the globe who value the benefits of medical cannabis.

Advancing alternative and effective products to improve the health and well-being of people

Portugal is a southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain, with a young, educated workforce and a major agricultural sector. In July 2018, legislation was signed into law to allow for the medical use of cannabis in Portugal and its dispensation at pharmacies.

Our objective is to take Symtomax to new markets where we can tell people about our products and our infatuation and passion for this plant and the latest research in medical Cannabis.


Our mission is to provide safe and effective high grade medical cannabis available to everyone who needs it. Offering alternative health care solutions in order to support and ease the healing process.


Symtomax are dedicated to cutting-edge innovation using the latest technology ensuring full regulatory compliance, and strict procedures that ensure consistently high quality product.


Our success is strengthened by our close working relationships with some of the cannabis industry’s largest cannabis-infused product manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and growers.


We are a motivated, committed and innovative team, together across disciplines and research areas in a pioneering, challenging and dynamic environment. We understand that our activities must be geared towards excellence and sustainable development, something we can only achieve thanks to our most important asset: our workforce.

Minette Coetzee
CEO & Founder
Minette is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth with over a decade of experience in the international financial markets.
Paul Segal
Chairman & Co-Founder
Paul is an experienced business development professional with a vast history in global blue chip companies, during which time he achieved multiple accreditations. Paul is distinguished by his passion for business, his focus on collaborative team-building, and his commitment to meeting customer and market demands.
Eurico Castro Alves

Eurico is a Professor of Surgery at the Integrated Master of Medicine of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar (ICBAS). In 2007 he was appointed by the Minister of Health to the Advisory Board of the National Commission for the Development of Outpatient Surgery (CNADCA). Eurico was also chairman of the Infarmed Board of Directors, National Authority for Medicines and Health Products.

Olaf Van Tulder
Technical Director
As Chief Executive Officer of Green House Brands, which includes some of the world’s most successful cannabis businesses such as Green House Co and Strain Hunters, Olaf has more than 25 years’ experience in the cultivation of cannabis on a commercial level.
David Mace
David is a former GW Pharmaceuticals PLC remuneration and audit committee Chairman. A senior executive with over 40 years of leadership and management experience in private and public sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, government , insurance and trade organisations.
Carla Maia
Country Liaison Officer

Carla is a highly respected professional with a career spanning over 23 years of solid experience working with clients in numerous industries, including telecommunications, financial services, local government, high technology, and engineering in the Portuguese and International business community.

João Peixoto
Chief Compliance Officer

João’s background covers a wide range of legal and business areas including corporate law, contracts, employment and human resources, data security, privacy, compliance and operations. He is an experienced and driven compliance officer with a proven track record of helping companies by ensuring they are functioning in complete compliance with all national and International rules and regulations.

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