February 2021 Construction & Cultivation Update

We hope you are all keeping well and safe!

As we are finalising construction of our greenhouse which is due for completion within the next 6 weeks, we would like to share some progress updates at this exciting stage of our business.


Following end of year holidays, the fit out of the greenhouse commenced and additional structure reinforcement was added. See below for extended list of completed items:

  • The greenhouse exterior was closed, sealed and made watertight.
  • The fan installation has been completed.
  • “Placa walls” have been added to support the facility walls and fans.
  • The roof structure is now also complete, along with shade and black out screens.
  • The electrical team are nearing completion on the electrical fit out of the facility.
  • Construction and fit out of the germination room is due to be complete over the next coming weeks.
  • Our potting and seed liner machines are scheduled to be installed in the next few weeks.
  • Ground levelling for the temporary drying facility has commenced.

Symtomax aims to complete the final works of the site ready for cultivation in March:

  • Levelling of the land and Installation of the pre-built power station.
  • Greenhouse irrigation is well underway and due for completion shortly.
  • Irrigation extension works on the main cultivation site, to be continued over the next few months.
  • The installation of our security and lights systems on our exterior fencing.
  • Completion of fit out of Bay 1 – Bay 3 and grow tables installed within greenhouse.
  • Temporary dry rooms building has commenced.


The first piece of land that is currently being prepared is 12 hectares which will contain around 4,000 plants/ hectare. Soil preparations include:

  • Land has been ploughed, incorporating native flora into the soil as a green manure in order to add nitrogen and increase the organic material content. 350 kg of kelp meal per hectare has been added to the soil. Cannabis loves kelp, as it is full of potassium, contains over 70 trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, and phytohormones. This amendment also helps us achieve our desired K:Mg ratio of 0.3.
  • We will be adding 10 tons/ hectare of composted cow manure to increase organic material content and add fertility to the soil via macro and micronutrients.
  • We also plan on using an organic product line for fertigation injection, which consists of quality ingredients such as fish hydrolysate and humic acid, to feed the soil and boost nutrient bioavailability to the plants.

Completion of outdoor greenhouse structure

Construction of germination room, installation of shelves and lights with air and humidity controlled system starting installation within a few weeks time.
Electricity installation commenced and completion due in the next few weeks. This will power the light and air climate control system.
Shade screens and blackout screens installed with completion due this week. This image shows them rolled out.
Outlet fans installed and ready for cultivation.
Intake fans have been installed along with “placa walls” for additional structural support.
Butterfly roof system completed to extract hot air and provide additional optimum climate control.
Shade screens and blackout screens rolled back.

Tilling the land in preparation for outdoor cultivation.


Symtomax has employed two highly experienced agronomists, who hand in hand with our CEO Olaf Van Tulder and Facilities Manager Matthew Butters, are currently handpicking the core facility team. As cultivation is due to commence next month, Symtomax is aiming to have its team of 25 in place. As this is such as exciting project, we have the ability to select highly valued assets, from a pool of hundreds, who want to share the journey and experience of becoming a team member for the largest cultivator of medical cannabis in Europe.

With over 40 years of combined industry experience, our CEO and Facilities Manager add invaluable knowhow to the business They have been working tirelessly in the background, over the last few years, preparing our cultivation strategy. Symtomax has ensured to learn and educate ourselves from the failures and successes of other business in the industry, and with that, aim to cultivate by managing risk factors and ensuring to adhere to high product standards.


Below is a brief summary of the grow cycles:

Week 1: Plant 1st batch of seeds. 10,000 seeds planted in germination room into 72 unit trays.
Week 2: 2nd batch of 10,000 seeds are planted within germination room.
Week 3: Transplant the 1st batch of seeds into 1.4L pots and move into Bay 1 for 2 weeks.
Week 3: Another 10,000 seeds planted.
Week 4: 2nd batch is transferred into Bay 1 and germination increases.
Week 5: Weekly cycle of moving each batch from 1.4L to 6L pots prior to outdoor plantation.


Our vision prior to Covid, was to invite many of our partners out to our facility as cultivation was commencing, but due to the pandemic and turbulent times, we hope our next update, will showcase the start of our cultivation, at which time we will also begin our global marketing campaign to put Symtomax on the map as the go to cannabis cultivator in Europe.

Thank you for your time and we sincerely hope you reach out to us with any questions or queries you may have.

All the best,
Symtomax Team