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Symtomax and Agropharm start greenhouse construction

With the upcoming inspection by Infarmed on May 5th and 6th progress on Europe’s largest medical cannabis cultivation site in the heart of the Alentejo region of Portugal is on schedule. With the facility concrete levelling now completed, leading specialist company AgroPharm who are undertaking the engineering project, and have been involved from the initial planning to the greenhouse building, will also be undertaking the watering, hydroponics, and artificial illumination for the Symtomax greenhouses project.

Agropharm engineers are now onsite for the construction stage of the greenhouses, which will be utilised for the germination and propagation stages as well as the creation of the mother plants. At a later stage the greenhouses will also be utilised for the cultivation GACP cannabis flower. or high quality cannabis flower. The options of having both  greenhouse and outdoor cultivation provides Symtomax with a year-round supply of product, which will also achieve the commercial objectives of the board.

Concrete foundations around the full perimeter of the 105 Hectare site have been laid for the installation to begin on the fencing and the security measures necessary for the inspection. Electrical piping has been completed for the CCTV cameras and security outposts and the upgrade to 1600kw to cater for the electricity demand of the facility have been installed.

Olaf Van Tulder CEO of Symtomax said “Agropharm offer advanced cultivation solutions and are industry experts on greenhouse projects for medical and recreational cannabis, and that is why Symtomax chose them for this project. We have been impressed with their experience, quality of work and the technological solutions their team have designed for us. Symtomax are excited with the progress so far”

Approximately 15 hectares of the land for the first year preparation involving tilling the soil, harrowing to break the soil clods into smaller mass and incorporating plant residue, and levelling the field has been completed. Symtomax will begin propagation as soon as the inspection is finalised in preparation for our first harvest at the end of September 2020.

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