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Symtomax: what’s the next step for medical cannabis innovation?

2020 is looking to be a remarkable year for medicinal cannabis. The sheer amount of both research and new applications we are witnessing looks set to make the coming decade a cultural turning point for cannabis, in all its forms. Symtomax asks the question: where are the most groundbreaking advancements happening? Moreover, where should we as an industry be directing our innovation for the greatest benefit to the community?

Cultivation and production

Many would point towards the work being done in cultivation and production of cannabis, as higher yields and less upkeep will ultimately result in cheaper prices. There are certainly no shortage of advancements in this area.

For example, Symtomax has invested in developing the latest state of the art facilities to create the largest cultivation site in Europe, having received approval from Infarmed – the regulatory authority for medicines and health products in Portugal – earlier this year; before Symtomax could even begin planning the work on its cannabis cultivation site, approval from this authority needed to be secured.

With the necessary approvals and permissions from both local and regulatory authorities in place, Symtomax has been able to begin development on a scale not seen before in Europe: its huge site has a total of 105 hectares. Its size ensures that there is plenty of room for propagation and greenhouses, so the site can be used for the first stages of cannabis growth and the vegetative stages of flowering. Such developments facilitate ideal growing conditions for the cannabis plant, thereby enabling the experts at Symtomax to produce products to the highest possible standard.

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