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Symtomax: what’s the next step for medical cannabis innovation?

2020 is looking to be a remarkable year for medicinal cannabis. The sheer amount of both research and new applications we are witnessing looks set to make the coming decade a cultural turning point for cannabis, in all its forms. Symtomax asks the question: where are the most groundbreaking advancements happening? Moreover, where should we as an industry be directing our innovation for the greatest benefit to the community? Cultivation ...
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Symtomax and Agropharm start greenhouse construction

With the upcoming inspection by Infarmed on May 5th and 6th progress on Europe’s largest medical cannabis cultivation site in the heart of the Alentejo region of Portugal is on schedule. With the facility concrete levelling now completed, leading specialist company AgroPharm who are undertaking the engineering project, and have been involved from the initial planning to the greenhouse building, will also be undertaking the watering, hydroponics, and artificial illumination ...
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Paul Segal, chairman and co-founder of Symtomax, details what the most common myths about CBD are. Medicinal cannabis is by no means a new phenomenon. On the contrary, the cannabis plant has been used as a form of pain relief for thousands of years. However, it has only been within the past decade that modern consumers, and indeed some medical professionals, have begun to recognise its possible benefits – particularly ...
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Symtomax have recently concluded the design and integration of their propagation houses with leading company AgroPharm that specialises in advanced solutions for the pharmaceutical medical cannabis industry. The designs which were submitted back in 2019 are based on the number of plants per cycle (45.000)
The greenhouses will be utilised for the germination in our first stages of growing but can also be used in the vegetative stages for ...
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